Boat Photography and Video Packages

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Boat Sales Videos for the pre-owned market. Predictable pricing for a professional product. We know boats and we know what the buyer wants to see, we produce high quality Boat Photography and Boat Video Packages for every budget.

Choose from our Starter, Dynamic or Pro Packages to suit the boat and the budget. Each affordable package includes Drone footage and photos, Stabilised footage and high resolution stills to stand out in the market.

Starter package

Lift your presentation with the starter boat photo and video package. If you are restricted in your ability to move your vessel this is the package for you. Whether its in the berth, on the hard stand or floating free this is the package to choose when you want a fast professional job with minimal fuss or organisation.

dynamic package

Dynamic says it all, let’s get your boat into the environment it was built for! The dynamic package means we’ll be chasing and capturing your boat on all sorts of angles with a drone. We’ll fly from onboard so we can chat about the perfect angles to show her off in her prime!

pro package

Designed for boats that deserve the best presentation they can get for the price. Go pro and the golden hour is included! If you want to capture the golden light at sunrise glistening of your boat as she glides through the water then this is the package for you.  If you want to engage with your audience and say a few words, then this is the package for you. This package helps the buyer know your boat and the lifestyle it brings.


Boat Promote Boat Sales Photography & Video Packages

For starters the combination makes it cheaper than the doing them separately. You also know exactly what you are going to get and you get a choice of package that suits your budget.

Each package includes a full set of photos and an HD Video. The photos will be provides to you in two folders. High resolution photos, Web-ready (optimised and resized) photos and an a Full-HD, YouTube ready Boat Video.

Each package has been designed to suit different requirements. The Starter Package can be performed in the berth or just out side the berth with the boat stationary. The Dynamic Package is when you need to show the boat stretching its legs and the Pro Package is when you want to put more time into getting the right location to show the boat off at it’s best.

Our packages are very competitively on pricing because we follow an format that allows us to efficiently capture and edit. If you want to discuss a custom project get in touch and we’ll discuss the best way forward to suit your requirements.

Of course, we’ll work with you around the weather. Good weather sells boats and the boating lifestyle. We’ll work with you finding a another shoot time. We also understand that sometimes we have to get it done, we’ll suggest a time and a day that looks the best out of the options. 

Weather is never 100% certain but over the years we have come to rely on a few mostly reliable weather sites. To help the accuracy of our predictions we have put together a  weather page to help. You’ll be able to see what we use, which includes animations of cloud cover, rain predictions and wind directions to help us choose the best spot and the best day to get it right.

We aim to have the photos to you 24-48 hours after the shoot and the Video to you 48- 72 hours after the shoot.

For established businesses you will receive the photos and videos as soon as they are ready. We understand the sooner you get them the sooner you can get the boat on the market. We give you up to 14 days to pay your invoice but appreciate when you are able to pay sooner.

We often liaise direct with owners for the shoot we can also invoice them direct. For owner direct invoicing the photos and video are released immediately following payment confirmation.

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