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Boat Show Live Streaming – Before During & After

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Boat Show Live Streaming - Ways to engage

Expand your audience and convert leads with engaging video live streaming at the Boat Show. 10 ways to go live before, during and after a boat show.

We’re all looking forward to attending boat shows again. For businesses that display at boat shows, it’s a chance to increase our customer base and make sales. Meeting with people in person again and help them to make buying decisions. 


To make buying decisions customers need questions answered.  Even attending the boat show in person doesn’t guarantee you’ll get time with the person who has the expert knowledge of the boat. That’s where live “expert sessions” on vessels can really help buyers that both attend with limited time and those that can’t attend but have a great deal of interest in the brand and potentially buying.

The best part about streaming on your social media networks are the rewards for going live from the social media platforms. Not only will you reach your network, but you’ll also be pushed to your networks’ network to increase your audience and engagement further. The latest algorithms allow your live broadcasts to reach a bigger audience than posting a pre-recorded video alone. So if your social media network’s growth has slowed, live streaming is the way to reach new audiences.

10 ways to go live


You can advertise well in advance before you go live.By letting people know when it’s happening is going to increase your audience. Going live doesn’t have to be reserved for when the show is open. In fact, going live before can be a huge advantage.


Check out some of the following ways you can use live video at a Boat Show to engage the right audience.

  1. One to Many – Expert sessions on vessels at scheduled times guarantees that your network is going to get the best walk-through and their questions answered. Best of all you can engage with your domestic market and a global audience that is unable to attend the actual show.
  2. Two to Many – Expert and Presenter Going live can be made easier for the expert if a presenter asks the questions to keep the flow going. As the expert, you show the presenter through the boat who asks the questions along the way. This is particularly suited to answering the questions the live audience asks, boosting engagement. This can be a great way to reveal a new model to the audience.
  3. One to One – Expert and Buyer on a one to one personal basis is when you have a serious buyer unable to attend who needs to see and ask some questions to complete their buying decisions. Take them for a tour and show them what they need to see to make their buying decision.
  4. Boat Show Events – Not all your customers will be able to make it to your dockside party so sharing the event live will engage your existing customer base and inspire your future customers. For the audience who has never attended or been part of your boating community, it’s a fantastic insight into what life’s like when you are part of it.
  5. Going live behind the scenes can be a very interesting experience for your audience. Going live from each vessel as you manoeuvre it into place is very intriguing to watch especially if you’ve never seen it before. It’s a great way to get your Boat Show stock and your team in front of your audience before the show and the preview can initiate the buying process. Why leave it all until the show starts?
  6. Before the gates open for the day is the ideal time to show the boats looking their best. Polished to perfection and empty of people it’s an ideal time to introduce your team and the boats on display, offer limited incentives to both those attending and those viewing live streamed.
  7. During the Show is a way to keep up the engagement and give updated relevant feedback from customers about the models on display. Promote your brand and your successes at the show. During the day allows more time to give detailed walkthroughs and starts discussions with potential buyers. Go live daily at the same time to boost engagement potential.

  8. Wrapping up the Boat Show with positives sales figures, last-minute opportunities and sea trial invitations is a great way to keep moving your customers through the sales funnel. Even just the spectacle of the horns sounding and the teams quenching the thirst with their customers is a simple way to promote your brand and the boating community you have built around it.
  9. Sea Trial Live is where it gets interesting, at Boat Promote we can use all of our cameras and stream live to the internet, anywhere we can get a good mobile data signal. Because our Streaming Kit is self-powered, it’s fully mobile meaning we can stream from a beach or stream from a boat. We’ve built our rig to allow one camera to roam free and stabilised on a gimbal and sending the feed wirelessly back to our streaming rig. Even our drone connects and can provide a live stream straight to your audience at cruising speeds off the coast. What better way to promote the lifestyle than showing it live as you cruise along bathed in sunset colours.


  10. Beyond the show is time to sell the lifestyle, seeing the boat live again in its natural environment, cruising, activities and entertaining at anchor is what keeps the boating dreams alive. We’ve all experienced the rapid plummet of the temperature of prospects once they leave the show. Once your customers and prospects are away from the show the way to re-engage and keep the boat buying dream active. For some interested attendees, the buying decision isn’t complete until the other half approves. Going live and answering all the questions will help facilitate the sale and reduce the number of incorrect assumptions. 

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